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H-Type Beems

H-Type Beems

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H-beam is named by its H-shaped cross-section. It is convenient and simple to connect, manufacture and install due to its parallel flanges. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, this H-shaped beam increases 6% in usable floor area, but decreases its dead load by 20% ~ 30%. In addition, this product can be manufactured into T-shaped, greatly meeting the requirements of engineering projects.

As a new construction material, H-beam offers a reasonable cross-sectional shape and good mechanical properties. Compared with I-beam, this product comes with the merits of high precision, lightweight and high section modulus. This product includes HW wide flange, HM medium flange, HN narrow flange, etc. Thanks to their high stability, high plasticity and ductility, they are used for buildings that need to bear a heavy load and to withstand strong vibration and natural calamity, particularly those constructions located in earthquake belt.