Structural steel construction



Paints and Finishes

Normally, the primary and secondary steel are coated with one coat (25-350 microns) of red oxide paint without any special treatment to steel. However, if some special paint has to be applied to steel in order to give better anti–corrosion properties, then the steel members have to be shot–blasted and then coated with the special paints. For houses, inside and outside painting on walls and false ceiling is to be provided.

Doors and Windows

Steel or Aluminium framed doors and windows are fixed to the purlins or the supporting profiled steel either by welding or bolted to the flanges already fixed to the purlins. Proper flashings are applied wherever necessary.

False Ceiling

False ceiling is usually required for residential buildings or offices. A metal framework is hung from the ceiling and false ceiling of rigid boards are either bolted or placed over the framework.

Architectural Louvers

Louvers are basically windows and doors that provide air circulation. Depending on the customers’ requirements, different types of louvers can be manufactured in different colors as shown below.

In addition to the main building components, depending on user-requirement, Phenix also provides a wide range of building accessories: