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Global Knowledge Partner

MB Phenix

  Atlas Ward International, UK

Think local and act global has always been the fulcrum of the growth engine of Phenix. When it comes to creating new vantages for the various needs of the manufacturing industry, it becomes imperative to partner only but excellence. Phenix takes pride in its cherished partnership with Atlas Ward International (AWI) -- one of the world’s leading suppliers of PEBs and Structural Steel solutions from UK.

With about 60 years of glorious history of supplying buildings to 68 countries worldwide, AWI’s global footprints boasts of an indelible experience in the field of developing steel construction technologies and execution. AWI’s global value chain comprises its production and service facilities in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, China and Hong Kong respectively.

The partnership with the world leaders in building systems furthers the Phenix philosophy of making the world a hub of future innovations in construction and infrastructure business.