Custom Steel Building solutions

Building Additions

Building Additions

Mezzanine Systems

Standard mezzanine system consists of profiled steel deck, mezzanine joists, built-up beams and intermediate support columns. Built-up beams span in lateral directions and mezzanine joists in longitudinal directions bolted to the top flange of beams. A concrete slab is cast on the steel deck as a finished surface. Steel checkered plates can also be used as top surface.


Flooring is usually of conventional nature consisting of cement concrete. For intermediate floors, metal decking sheet is fixed to purlins and concrete poured over it.

Deck Panel

This deep–ribbed panel is generally used as deck panelling for mezzanines and floor systems. Although exceptionally strong, this panel is used as shuttering for mezzanine reinforced concrete floors and panel is not a substitute for the reinforcement of mezzanine concrete slabs. This panel is available upto 1 mm thickness with 120 GSM galvanized coating conforming to ASTM A653M SS Grade 340 .

Partition Walls

Partition walls are usually required for residential building or offices. Partition wall comprises of two rigid boards having insulation sandwiched in between and fixed to the steel columns or supporting profiled steel and purlins. Alternatively, prefab sandwich panels can also be fixed to the columns and purlins.

Curved Members

Phenix provides curved sections with variable depth and tapered members and capability of providing the curvature in three dimensions.

Fascias and Canopies

Phenix provides various types of fascias specially designed as per the customer’s requirement. These can be either vertical, horizontal or with curved sheeting to enhance the architectural look of the building. Wall canopies at eaves, end wall, over doors and windows are also provided based on the requirement.