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Phenix Construction Technologies

Phenix Construction Technologies

The Phenix World

Phenix Construction Technologies is a gen-next steel infrastructure solutions company that caters to the global need of next-gen Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) and Structural Steel.

A future-forward innovation hub, Phenix features among the top three steel construction companies in India and has established itself as a specialized player in designing, manufacturing and installing light to heavy and complex steel structures using leading-edge solutions for Pre-Engineered Buildings.

The Phenix Legacy

Phenix takes pride in its enviable project portfolio that includes execution of future-ready solutions for a gamut of industries, from core infrastructure, automotive, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, transportation to engineering, power, warehousing and others.

Phenix is one of the largest exporters of PEB & Structural Steel solutions from India and also holds an Export House status.

Taking the steel revolution forward to the next level, Phenix has rendered a comprehensive 360 degree solution platform through developing cohesive and streamlined construction processes.

Phenix philosophy lies in decoding the complexities of the three dimensional space and presenting feasible solutions that find a perfect fit with the rising industrial demands for simplified thinking. Needless to say, the systems thinking approach at Phenix has set new examples in the world of Steel Construction Technology.

The 4 P’s of Phenix

Phenix vantage is not just about the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The cardinal points of innovation and manufacturing excellence at Phenix speak volumes about the 4 P’s of Phenix – People, Processes, Practices and Partnerships.

The ideology of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” has enabled Phenix to create an ocean of engineering excellence that works through synergizing the 4 P’s adeptly. This, in turn, has enabled the Company to achieve a unique competitive advantage in the world of engineering and building.

The multidimensional approach in leveraging the core competencies of M&B Group in the infrastructure development business and seeking the expertise and technological prowess of various international knowledge partners has fetched Phenix the sobriquet of “future-forward solution provider” in the industry.

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The Phenix Vantage

Exploring new frontiers of construction technology and adding a new perspective to existing system designs, the Phenix innovation hub is always a step ahead in providing cutting edge end to end construction solutions that address all stages of the construction processes like designing, detailing, manufacturing, fabrication, transportation, installation, maintenance and after-sales services.

Adding an enigmatic appeal to the Phenix ecosystem is the state of the art production facility with a production capacity of 72, 000 MT per annum, situated in Gujarat, India. The perpetual cycle of innovation at Phenix has only added another dimension to the execution of systems thinking in the world of construction and infrastructure.

Adhering to precision analysis through application of sophisticated technologies, makes the project process more efficient and time specific. The use of sophisticated CNC equipment procured from USA, Canada and Europe helps Phenix deliver fast-track, cost-effective Structural Steel and PEB solutions.

The credo of innovative thinking not just bear the Phenix signature style, but also reflects the aspiration of the company to envision endlessly and be the knowledge leaders in the steel construction industry.