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Roof Wall

Roof Wall


Panels used for sheeting purpose are generally of ribbed steel sheets used as roof and wall sheeting, roof and wall liners, partition and soft sheeting.

The sheets are generally produced from steel coils having thickness 0.47 mm to 0.8 mm high tensile steel.

In present day scenario, newly developed type “S” panel, whose profile is designed to withstand heavy loads, such as roof snow loads and uplift loads resulting from high velocity (cyclonic) winds is widely prevalent.

The panel conforms to ASTM A792M Grade 340/550 MPA and is coated with a protective layer of Galvalume, which is a 42.5% zinc and 55 % aluminum alloy coating (150 GSM).

Panels are available in 4 nominal thicknesses : 0.475 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.55 mm, 0.76 mm and in all standard colors.


Phenix’s pre-painted Galvalume (Alu-Zinc) sheeting is a multi-layer coated profile to ensure a longer life under different weather conditions and enhanced aesthetics. Phenix claddings can be used for roofs and walls and are available with or without insulation.

PUF Panels

These are roof and wall skins (sheeting) that cover the main steel frame. Sandwich panels comprise of an exterior metal skin, a Polyurethane core and an interior flat skin made of metal.

The core thickness is available in 35 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm. The density of Polyurethane is 35-40 kg/m3.

The Phenix Edge :

  • Offers roof options with slope as low as 1:10
  • Width 1028 mm | Length up to 12 m | Thickness 30 mm
  • Purlin-bearing edge improves strength and sturdiness
  • Provision for Fiberglass and other insulation
  • A range of energy efficient roofing solutions

Applications :

  • Factory Sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Community Halls etc.

This special system comes with several unique features offered for the ‘First time in India’.

The Phenix Edge

  • A World-class system with a 20-year leak-proof warranty.
  • Interlocking Standing Seam Roof Panels, which provide long-term superior weather tightness.
  • 76 mm Increased Depth : High rib of 76 mm offers superior sectional properties; it also gives exceptional strength and ensures quicker drainage of water.
  • Fully Seamed Roof : Uniquely profiled and seamed ridge cap for enhanced weather protection and rigidity at roof top.
  • 360° Mechanical Seam : 100% leak-proof.
  • Movable Clip : A sliding arrangement to allow free expansion and contraction of the roof due to thermal effects.

Factory Made FM Global Accredited InterLock 360TM

An on-line sealant application that ensures weather proof at the seam after installation

Normally, the primary and secondary steel are coated with one coat (35 microns) of red oxide paint without any special treatment to steel. However, if some special paint has to be applied to steel in order to give better anti–corrosion properties, then the steel members have to be shot–blasted and coated with special paints.

Steel or Aluminium framed doors and windows are fixed to the purlins or the supporting profiled steel either by welding or bolted to the flanges already fixed to the purlins. Proper flashings are applied wherever necessary.

False ceiling is usually required for residential buildings or offices. A metal framework is hung from the ceiling and false ceiling of rigid boards are either bolted or placed over the frame work.

Curved eaves are formed from color-coated steel after crimping and curving. Crimping is done in order to give an aesthetic appearance to the building. Curved eaves are widely used in Pre-Engineered Buildings.