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Structural Steel
  • Beams and Girders, especially Bridge Girders are tailor made to customer’s specifications
  • Beams fabricated to precise dimensions through automatic/mechanized processing as compared to on-site fabrication
  • CNC programmed flame cutting produces high accuracy and precision in Plate Cutting
  • Hole drilling, Sawing and marking done on-line on automatic drilling/sawing/marking machines
  • Fabricated components Shot/Sand blasting before painting as per customers’ requirements
  • Mechanized handling eliminates any possibilities of mechanical damage
  • Beams can be delivered face milled, shot-blasted, painted or primer coated in factory finished condition
  • Jumbo size fabricated beams with drilled holes, studs, stiffeners, base plates, splice plates, ready to be used at the site are supplied by Phenix fabrication facility at Sanand
  • Custom range of Plate Fabricated Beams, Boxes and Girders are used extensively in construction of bridges (ROBs), flyovers, metro rail projects, power plants, and supercritical boiler columns, industrial structures, material handling systems, refineries, steel plants, airports, shopping malls, stadiums, utility and multi- storied buildings