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MB Phenix

Maximizing innovation while maintaining cost and timelines is the guiding principle that enables the Phenix team of 91 certified dedicated Designers & Detailers who work closely along with the Architects, Consultants and Engineers to offer precise and optimized designs.

Our use of advanced software not only aids in accurate design solutions, but also in the efficient use of steel leading to a significant reduction in overall cost. Phenix’s expertise in delivering complex projects packaged into simplified creations makes it an eminent partner for all your Structural and PEB project requirements.

Package Design Detail Code
STAAD.ProV8i Design of Built-up & Hot rolled sections IS 800 : 2007 LSD/WSD
    IS 800 : 1984 WSD
MBS software Design of Pre-Engineered Buildings AISC &
    IS 800 : 2007
Master Series Design of Composite Mezzanine Floor IS : 800
  Design of Cold form sections IS : 801

The drafting office utilizes the following software packages :

Packages Usage
TEKLA–21 3D Modelling, Generating of GA & Fabrication drawings
AutoCAD-2015 Preparation of GA & Fabrication drawings
Metal Building System (MBS) Preparation of GA & Fabrication drawings