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The theory of group dynamics gets a tech perspective at Phenix, whose management core comprises some of the revered personnel in the industry, who add another perspective to creating value based systems; thereby adding a layer of enigma to the Company’s growth perspective and engineering acumen.

Hasmukhbhai Patel, with more than 50 years of industrial expertise and wisdom in the field of construction, leads by example. A B.S. (Civil & Mechanical), Hasmukhbhai Patel has been instrumental in executing some of the enviable projects that stand as global quality benchmarks today. Known for his exemplary wisdom and his mechanical wizardry, Hasmukhbhai played a pivotal role in successful completion of all major civil projects and in manufacturing of pre-stressed concrete sleepers and poles. The Group derives its mechanical prowess from Hasmukhbhai’s deep understanding in the field of mechanical engineering.

A young entrepreneur and visionary Chirag Patel, has already set awe-inspiring examples in the industry. A B.E. (Civil), Chirag Patel displays exceptional industrial perspicacity with his impressive industrial knowledge and technological wizardry. Having joined the M&B Group in 1993, the group has seen him envision and execute many a large scale and renowned Infrastructure projects. Chirag Patel, who is managing M&B Engineering Ltd. has left an indelible impression in the industry with his astuteness and engineering acumen.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and vision par excellence Malav Patel helped the M&B Group spearhead some of the revolutionary breakthroughs in infrastructure and construction industry. He joined the Group in the year 2000 soon after accomplishing his B.S. in Business Management from USA. Known for his path breaking and innovative approaches in the field of infrastructure management, Malav Patel pioneered in introducing Self Supported Steel Roofing System in India. Malav Patel’s in depth knowledge of Marketing and Administration helped the Group leverage competitive advantages across various sectors.

A hydraulic engineer from USA, Girish Patel has contributed extensively to M&B Group’s learning curve. With more than 40 years hands on experience with the Company, Girish Patel enabled the Group have a leading edge with his sound technical knowledge and experience in all kind of machineries. A machinist with an eye for innovation and minute detailing, Girish Patel spearheaded many an innovative and major civil projects and has also contributed immensely towards innovative approaches for sleeper and pole manufacturing plants.

Having worked with a textile mill of national repute as Chief Internal Auditor, Vipin Patel joined the Group in 1980. A B.Com and an Inter CA, Vipin Patel’s financial wisdom and exemplar administrative acumen helped the Group in creating a 360 degree model of sustainability, including M&B Engineering Ltd.

After an impressive track record that comprises working with industry stalwarts like Montgomery Partners Ltd., Neterwala Group, KHD Humboldt Wedag GMBH, TELCO, Escorts, Samtel and International LtHe in various leadership position, Harinder Ahluwalia joined Phenix in June, 2013. A B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA with Operations & Marketing specialization, Harinder Ahluwalia has also done GPMD from University of Michigan – USA.

With his remarkable career spanning 28 years witnessed Harinder Ahluwalia worked extensively towards bringing cutting edge solutions in the spheres of engineering excellence. Recipient of coveted awards and accolades – like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Medal – he possesses extensive national and international experience in the field of engineering, manufacturing, finance, HR and administration.